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Accounting in the Cloud?

Online Accounting is a great way to simplify one of the necessary functions of running a business. Compared to traditional accounting tools, online accounting is hugely beneficial because it allows you to access your accounts anywhere you can access the internet, including tablets and smartphones when you are out of the office.

What are the benefits?

Optimised mobile applications are available with online accounting software to give you access on the go – never lose a receipt or invoice again! You can use the mobile app to take a copy of the invoice, and log it in as an expense instantly if required. When you make a sale on-site, the mobile software can allow you to immediately generate and email invoices so that the transaction can be completed then and there.

The online software updates itself regularly, meaning that there is no more need for manual downloads of tax tables or manual software updates. The beauty of online accounting is that it can be used costeffectively in businesses of all sizes. If you are a sole trader it can take the hassle out of your accounting process, and for larger and more mature businesses the automation of these functions included in online accounting software can save you a lot of time.

For convenience, all online accounting solutions that we provide will integrate seamlessly with your bank account and other software systems such as ERP’s and CRM systems so that there is no double-handling. The two online accounting software packages that we implement most regularly are Xero and Saasu, and we are highly experienced with implementing these into businesses of all sizes.


How do I make the cloud change?

The experts at Aves Group can help you migrate to an efficient online accounting software program with ease. Their technical experience and understanding of the software ensures that they will achieve the desired result with minimal cost and disruption to your business.

If you are looking to make the move to an online accounting system, then talk to the experienced team at Aves Group today to discuss your options.

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