Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CRM is a discipline that centres around growing a company’s business by building better customer relationships. It enables a company to monitor, record and facilitate the interactions of sales, marketing and support departments in a single location. Successful companies understand that growth is contingent upon both new and repeat business and to sustain growth, relationship with their customers must also grow.


CRM is about gaining and retaining customers. A few examples of the types of information that a CRM system can track include: Customer contact information. Customer activity such as visits to your website or calls. Commitments made to the customer. Status of customer orders. This data empowers everyone in the company to view a unique profile of every customer and accordingly cater to that customer’s specific needs. Providing company employees with such CRM tools to better know their customers can make all the difference in whether or not you gain a new customer or retain an existing one.

CRM allows a company to gather and manage all of its valuable customer data.

The top six benefits CRM can bring to your company:

Create a Standardized Process

By creating and automating workflow rules, a CRM system will provide a company with the tools to manage, measure and improve processes already in place.

Eliminate Weekly Status Reports

A CRM system can eliminate weekly status reports by automatically running a status report and emailing it to its sales management.

Automate Unique Sales Processes

A CRM solution will automate the sales team’s manual and repetitive steps, allowing them more time to sell and focus on converting leads into customers.

Improve Collaboration

A CRM application facilitates visibility across departments, help track marketing efforts through to sales closure and even manage post-sales support.

Improve Analysis Capability

A CRM system with reporting capabilities allows a company to thoroughly analyse historical and current customer, sales, marketing and support information. With this information a company can determine what practices are successful and which ones need improvement.

Safeguard Data

A CRM system allows a company to store its information in a third-party system thereby ensuring information is never lost. Such data would remain in the on-site server or cloud services provided by the CRM vendor.

CRM Highlights

CRM: three small letters, with three core concepts. Customer – the heart of a company. Relationship – the key to growing a company. Management – the power of a company to maintain customer relationships.

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